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The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) maintains a global system of federated data centers that allow access to the largest archive of climate data world-wide. The ESGF Node at INPE/CPTEC is focused on supporting the access to the Brazilian Earth System Model (BESM) output. You can use this node as starting point for searching and downloading model output that are stored thoughout the federation. You can also start from any of the other Nodes to download climate model output, reanalysis fields, as well as gridded and satellite data.


Projects Hosted at the INPE/CPTEC ESGF Node

About BESM
The Brazilian Earth System Model (BESM) is a set of computer programs that couple the continental surface, ocean, cryosphere, atmosphere and chemistry components, with the main objective to generate global climate change scenarios. The BESM aims to incorporate cloud formation processes, vegetation dynamics and the knowledge created in the country on the influence of Brazilian biomes on the global climate.
The development of BESM is lead by INPE scientists in collaboration with scientists from other institutions in Brazil and abroad. The project, funded by MCTI / FINEP, CNPq, Rede CLIMA and FAPESP, puts Brazil in the international scenario of development of global climate models. The BESM moves on to more accurately regional processes and remote interest in the country, expanding the scientific basis to meet the challenges and consequences of global changes underway.
With more than ten thousand years of climate simulations in months scales to hundreds of years already generated of INPE supercomputing system, the BESM enabled Brazil to join the group of nations with contributions to global climate change scenarios for the CMIP5 project.



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